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Castings and Ring Forgings



We offer mid to large size castings in multiple grades of ductile and gray iron. Our experience in supplying large castings to several global power generation companies and their stringent quality and qualification requirements positions us well to offer effective solutions to our customers. Our state of the art equipment and demonstrated process controls help us prevent typical challenges related to porosity, chunky graphite, out of tolerance machining, special coatings, charpy and other testing requirements . Our integrated machining infrastructure includes: double column CNC VMC’s (Vertical Machining Centers) with table size of 5000 x 3000 mm and travel size of 5200 x 4200 x 1000 mm. Other machining equipment includes CNC Milling and Boring Centers.


Ring Forgings

We offer ring forgings between 500 MM and 5000 MM outer diameter for Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Wind Turbine, Bearing and other industries. Our affiliated factories are equipped with German made ring rolling line and are capable of providing rings in forged or machined condition. Our integrated infrastructure includes: sawing, rolling, heat treatment, quenching, non destructive testing (NDT), machining and coating eqipment. Our machining equipment includes large VTL’s and CMM’s. Required destructive testing is usually done at accredited third party labs.


Give us an opportunity to quote for your casting or ring forging requirements.